Monday, August 20, 2012

Fyoog: Meaningful Point of Difference

Fyoog - Bringing Life to Art

Pamela Picard Strategic Creativity recently completed the staging of Fyoog, a design studio founded by Dan Cheetham on the unique approach that has emerged from his 20-year architecture career.

Formerly a principal in high-profile architectural firms headquartered in San Francisco, Mr. Cheetham's portfolio boasts  many notable public spaces in the United States and Asia including Pier 1 in San Francisco, the Galleria Dallas and the Westin Galleria to name but a few.

Mr. Cheetham is currently collaborating on a proposal invited by the Waller Creek Conservancy to transform a neglected, overgrown, trash-strewn gulch into Austin's next, great public space.
Our role was to discover a meaningful point of difference in his vision and accomplishments as well as distill this into a message that connects Dan's gifts and aspirations with the desires of his target audience.
Transforming large, complex projects into places that invite life is naturally challenging. Yet, Fyoog has proved time and again that architecture derived by the same organic process as writing, sculpting or composing can manifest highly visual, highly prized, high-traffic public places that speak to the human spirit without sacrificing the bottom line.
After completing a Target Audience Profile, Communications Strategy and Message Development, we assisted Mr. Cheetham to retrofit market-oriented, search-engine friendly content into the Fyoog website which he designed.

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