Monday, August 6, 2012

The Big Nothing

Why use Wuji, the Chinese character for "The Great Nothing" as a symbol for Strategic Creativity?

Ancient Chinese believed: “In the beginning of the Big Void, there was no image. The Heaven and Earth were not divided and the universe was in a chaotic state. There was no image of Yin and Yang and there was no beginning of Movement and Stillness. The original Qi was blended into one.” Thus, ancient people called this chaotic beginning stage as “Wu-Ji” and illustrate it using an empty circle.

In marketing communications, wuji represents the undifferentiated value proposition.

Brand marketing is the process by which we stage our product or service for the marketplace. We gather information. We analyze the data we derive. We account for market potential.

How do we stack up in our competitive field? What makes us equal? What makes us superior? What emotions drive the buying decision? How many people fit this profile? Where do we find them? What media reach them? How much will it cost? What singular point of difference can we own? How do we communicate our outstanding qualities to spark desire and excite action in our prospect universe?

Strategic creativity.

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