Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Potency of Brand Personality

The idea to gain brand traction with a memorable personality is as old as advertising itself. The Green Giant. Elsie the Borden Milk Cow. Speedy Alka-selzer. Tony the Tiger. Keebler Elves.

Brand personality embodies a point of difference that is perceived as exclusive. It personifies a cluster of product values that speak to a target audience in a voice that buyers relate to in a favorable way. It contrasts the product within its competitive field and also embodies the promise of a benefit. Lastly, it is enduring.

Virginia Slims. The Marlboro Man. Mac vs. PC. 

Is there any doubt how potent a brand personality can be?

You don't get to this by slapping a smiley face on your packaging. This is derived from a thorough understanding of your fit within the competitive field, your fitness for the target audience you want to tap and the magic that connects point of difference to perceived fulfillment in your prospect's mind.


Strategic creativity.

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