Saturday, October 18, 2014

Engaging Customers. Making Sales.

Sales line trending down? You can come up with 20 ways to get it moving up or one sure-fire remedy - engage your customers.

Strike up a conversation. Hit a responsive chord. Light a fire in their minds. Ask questions of them. Then listen. An engaged customer will tell you everything you need to know to satisfy their needs, wants and desires. The explicit ones. The tacit ones, i.e. subconscious ones. Especially the tacit ones.

Ways to engage?

1. Customer survey
2. Focus group
3. Interactive display
4. Quiz
5. Special events
6. Follow up phone calls
7. Mail in coupons
8. Greet and meet
9. Don't sell. Share.
10. Show your appreciation

In short, engage your customer with any interaction in person, on the phone or by mail that creates value and requires a direct response. Ask questions. Then listen.

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