Pamela Ray Picard is a marketing communications professional and former e-commerce business owner.  She boasts successful experience conceptualizing and developing targeted creative strategies to attain excellence in aesthetics and results for Fortune 1000 executives, IT entrepreneurs and Main Street business owners.

Career Highlights

Internet Marketing: Branding, building and promoting an e-commerce platform to solve an ongoing inventory problem for small business owners in the bridal industry. Results: Salons recovered upwards of $15,000 a year from past season's styles they previously donated to charity.

Integrated Marketing Communications: Distinguished start-up companies in bank software development, Advanced Java training and education and other information technologies with a distinctive and memorable message coordinated across both traditional print and new direct media. Results: Founders fulfilled their dreams of a multi-million dollar merger & acquisition in record time.

Meeting, Marketing, Employee Communications, Media Relations. Consulted with top executives of Fortune 1000 companies on strategies and tactics to communicate corporate values, strengthen core relationships with distributors, franchisees, employees and customers in order to increase sales. Results: Successful speeches, conferences, recognition events and media relations campaigns too numerous to mention.